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Enterprise Application Development

At present, it’s hard to live without using application software. The term Application Software was shortened to the word App and it has become more famous and awarded as “Word of the year” in 2010. Here the word enterprise covers every businesses and organizations. It is not that simple to build an enterprise application without knowledge. We W2S Solutions with 15+ years of experience in working with Enterprise applications make us a leader in this industry.

Enterprise Application is not as easy as building a normal application, it needs a long term vision and think through process to develop.

Application Security

Every Business will be aware of cyber security attacks and we know that Information must be secured prior to loading in cloud. Anytime you go online, you need to be sure that you’re safe from malicious parties that may be targeting your business. To prevent security attacks we follow strict standards and make your app completely encrypted. By having an Encrypted system it will be easy to manage application by providing simplified access to users and the data will be monitored 24/7 * 365 days.

Integrate with your existing system

Most probably every business  has various applications and systems for their business needs. The employees are mostly using their existing application so choosing another option takes a lot of hard decision. But with our expert team, we make it possible by implementing an integration technique. When we completely Integrate the application into your existing system you can continue to work without any problem on the new platform. By integration, it also help you to add more security to the whole application for your business.

Application Interface

When Migrating one business system to another employee satisfaction is must to be at a high priority. The Application must be tailored with simple navigation and workflow. The Application should not be thought of as one time project, new enhancements and workflow adjustments have to be made periodically. The successful key point of the enterprise application is its Interface. As a one stop solution our UX Designers and Developers had spent enormous time and effort in building a user experience design along with easy navigational flow.

Cross Platform for BYOD

Few number of businesses think that Bring your Own Device (BYOD) is a useful opportunity; but others are more precise about the inducement it creates for security, privacy, and future technology adoption. But according to Microsoft 67% of workers already use their personal devices in the workplace and 50% of companies will require employees to provide their own devices for their jobs by the year 2017. To support BYOD for enterprises we create cross-platform applications to work on multiple platforms. we build enterprise application with secure configuration and deploy in customer's existing system. As one of the leading Cross-platform application developer, we produce quality output.

W2S Solutions as an Enterprise Application Developer

W2S Solutions is a full-time Application development company with 40+ professional coders; our offices in India, USA and Canada providing an outstanding support globally. By having in-depth knowledge and powerful developers we deliver bespoke software for business needs.

Schedule a meeting with our Enterprise Application Development experts and plan out to build solutions that improves efficiency and revenue.

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